2 Things You Must Know About Puppet Fundamentals Course

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Puppet is an administration program. The main application case is the automated configuration of several computers via a network. Configuration parameters such as the installation of software to be, data synchronization or run programs.

Puppet is open source and basically cross-platform, but supports in particular unixoid operating systems such as Unix, Linux, and FreeBSD. Microsoft Windows has a limited configuration.

Puppet is written in the programming language, Ruby . It exists since 2005 and is developed by the company Puppet Labs, which was founded for this purpose. The main developer is and has always been Luke Kanies. Puppet is a free software and is under version 2.7.0 under the Apache License 2.0, before it under the GPL.

Types of puppets

Finger Puppet: 
A very simple type of puppet where the puppet is placed on a finger and worked by moving the finger.

Pop-up puppets: 
A cone with a rod through and a puppet inside. When the rod is pushed up, the puppet appears.

Paddle Puppet: 
The puppet is on the end of a paddle. When the puppeteer steps on the paddles back end the other end lifts up, making it seem that the puppet moves by itself.

Jumping Jack: 
A puppet where the arms and legs of the puppet are joined to a string. When the string is pulled down, the arms and legs go up.

Hand Puppet: 
Similar to a finger puppet, but only larger. The puppeteer uses his or her fingers and hand to work the puppet. Punch and Judy are famous glove puppets.

Rod Puppet and Bunraku: 
The puppet is worked with rods joined to the puppets arms and legs, while another puppeteer moves the head and sometimes the mouth. Bunraku is a special type of Japanese rod puppetry.

Shadow Puppet: 
Another very simple puppet. A cut-out figure on a rod is held in front of a light. Its shadow is projected onto a screen. The puppeteer moves the puppet around, giving it some life. The sometimes colored paper is used to give a certain amount of color to the puppet.

Marionette or String Puppet: 
This puppet is moved around with strings that hang from above the theatre. This is one of the more complex types of puppetry and is hard to master as some marionettes can have up to thirty strings.

Ventriloquist Figure or Dummy: 
This puppet is one of the few where the audience sees the puppeteer. The puppeteer moves the puppets head arms and mouth with his hands as well as with levers. The performance usually takes the shape of a conversation between the dummy and the puppeteer. The puppeteer speaks normally, then puts on a different voice when the puppet is supposed to be talking. His voice seems to be coming from his stomach. His lips are not moving, but the puppet's lips may move, so it seems as if the puppet is talking.

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